Monday, 23 March 2015

Best technique Promote Your Blog Posts While Sleeping

So, you have finished writing your killer post for your readers. It’s time to HIT publish button to welcome your readers to read what you write new. Right?


What should be your next goal with that post? Of course, promoting and sharing it with every possible way. Sharing on social media sites and blog communities are the best possible ways to attract wider audiences to blog content. Sharing on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites can bring us immense traffic to our blog if we know what and when to be share.

Yes, I really mean it. Sharing posts on these social networking websites is worthless if you fail to target your potential readers. You must be aware with the timings when you get maximum clicks from your shared posts.

Suppose your readers or social media fans and followers used to check out your shared posts at night and you are sharing with them in morning or in noon. Then obliviously, you are not going to attract as much readers as compare to sharing posts at night. Agree?

It doesn’t mean that you should not share your posts at day time or at time when your most of the fans are not online, but targeting them at that time when they uses internet is the best and smart practice to gain more traffic from social networking sites.

But there is an issue. No one can sit online all the day only to promote blog posts. Some people used to share posts at mid day and some prefer to share at night. But what if you could get opportunity to promote your blog posts at that time when you can’t sit in front of your computer connecting with internet? It’ll be great for all of us. Right? That’s why I bring a tutorial today to tell you how you can promote your blog posts on social networking websites while sleeping at night or with busy schedule.

Let’s see what’s the whole game.

Promote Your Blog Posts More Smartly

Promote Your Blog Posts More Smartly :
Promoting Blog Posts To Get More Traffic

Here we have a great website named Buffer which allows us to schedule our blog posts for sharing on social networking websites without sitting online all over the day.

We can easily set our sharing timings and Buffer will automatically share our blog posts at that scheduled time on our behalf. Cool… Yeah!

So, let’s learn how to use Buffer to schedule blog posts.
Go to Buffer and register for an account or log in with your twitter, facebook or linkedIn account.

Click on Install in Seconds button to add Buffer Extension in your browser.

Add Buffer Extension To Your Browser

Now you’ll be enter into your Buffer account. Simply click on Schedule tab to schedule your blog posts for auto sharing and add posting time there.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Now click on What do you want to share field at the top left corner of the page.

Add your post description and link and click on Buffer button to schedule it.

That’s it. Now your posts will be automatically share at your scheduled timings.
Additional Benefits

We are not limited to only share and schedule our blog posts for automatically sharing, there are other benefits too of using Buffer.
There is a cool feature that allow us to check Analytics of our shared posts to get clear view how much benefit we are getting. One of my post attract 1 Comment and 18 likes while I was sleeping.

It’s time consuming to open buffer account everytime to schedule blog posts. Right? Here we have one more cool option that is Buffer’s Extension for browser that we have already installed in step #2. Whenever you want to schedule your any post, simply open that post in your browser and click on buffer button icon at the top right corner of your page. It’ll automatically fetch all of it’s details and you just need to click Buffer button. That’s it


This was all about that I know about buffer. It helps me to promote my blog posts on social networking sites easily. Make use of it and promote your articles more conveniently by scheduling them at a great time.

Please share your views about this tutorial and let me know if you know other benefits of using Buffer for Blog promotion. Thanks and Happy Blogging


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